Alben des Jahres 1990


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Alben des Jahres 1990

Beitrag von Kröter »


Die ersten Vorboten von Grunge und Stoner strecken ihre Fühler aus und deuten an, welche Musikrichtungen in den kommenden Jahren Vormachtstellungen inne haben werden. ENTOMBED liefern gleich mit ihrem ersten Album einen Meilenstein des schwedischen Death Metal ab, der für viele andere Bands als Blaupause dienen wird.


1. ENTOMBED – Left Hand Path
2. SLAYER – Seasons in the Abyss
3. DEATH – Spiritual Healing

4. KREATOR – Coma of Souls
6. TROUBLE – Trouble
7. ALICE IN CHAINS – Facelift
9. TESTAMENT – Souls of Black
10. MEGADETH – Rust in Peace

11. PANTERA – Cowboys From Hell
12. THUNDER – Backstreet Symphony
13. IRON MAIDEN – No Prayer For The Dying
14. ANNIHILATOR – Never, Neverland
15. OBITUARY – Cause of Death
16. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Lights Camera Revolution
17. PARADISE LOST – Lost Paradise
18. HOLY MOSES – World Chaos
19. DEATH ANGEL – Fall From Grace
20. SONS OF KYUSS – Sons of Kyuss
21. SLAUGHTER – Stick It To Ya
22. JUDAS PRIEST – Painkiller
23. FORBIDDEN – Twisted Into Form
24. THUNDERHEAD – Busted at the Border
25. NAPALM DEATH – Harmony Corruption

Louder Than Hell
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Re: Alben des Jahres 1990

Beitrag von Louder Than Hell »

Allman Brothers Band Seven turns
Atkins, Al Judgement day
Black Sabbath TYR
Blue Cheer Highlights And Lowlives
Breeders Pod
Burning Rain Visions
Cosmic Dropouts Groovy things
Cynics Rock 'N' Roll
Darxtar Same
Deep Purple Slaves and masters
Fugazi Repeater
Full Moon Same
Goo Goo Dolls Hold me up
High Tide A fierce nature
Pixies Bossanova
Scorpions Crazy world
Sisters Of Mercy Vision thing
Woodcocks Same


Anastasia Screamed Laughing down the limehouse
Animal Crakers Soil
B 52 Best of dance this mess around
Badtown Boys Same
Blue Cheer Highlights and lowlives
Boss Hog Cold hands
Bored Take it out on you
Breeders Pod
Butcher Shop Pump action
Chesterfield Kings Berlin wall of sound
Coup De Grace Same
Creaming Jesus Too fat to run
Dahl Group, Jeff Scratch up some action
Danzig Lucifuge
Depp Jones I return to caramba
Destination Zero Sunrise
Devil Dogs Big beef bonanza
D.O.A. Murder
EA 80 Zweihundertzwei
Fortune Tellers Lively up
Fugazi Repeater
God' s Acre Ten gospel greats
Gun Club Pastoral hide and seek
Hash Palace Grit and bare it
Heretics Omnivore
Infant God Puberty
Inspiral Carpets Life
La Muerte Experiment in terror
Lard The last temptation of reid
Lazy Cowgirls How it looks - how it is
Leaving Trains Sleeping underwater
Lemonheads Lovey
Lubricated Goat Psychedelicatessen
Lul Hail the frisians free
Midnight Oil Blue sky mining
Mobile Whorehouse Same
Pixies Bossanova
Roland, Paul Burnt orchids
Romans Trigger happy
Run Westy Run Green cat island
Salem 66 Down the primrose path
Senseless Things Is it too late?
Shudder To Think Ten - spot
Sink Another love triangle
Sisters Of Mercy Vision thing
Speed Niggs Another valley on the long decline
Strangemen Best chenc
Sweet Tooth Soft white underbelly
Thee Hypnotics Come down heavy
Undertones All wrapped up
Various Artists If 6 was 9
Vertigo Same
Vietnam Chain Susmoala beat

Vincent Price
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Re: Alben des Jahres 1990

Beitrag von Vincent Price »

Wieder ein kleiner aber feiner Mix quer durch diverse Genres. Die für mich bedeutsamen Alben des Jahres 1990 waren und sind:

Depeche Mode - Violator
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks (Soundtrack TV-Serie)

Judas Priest - Painkiller
Pet Shop Boys - Behaviour
Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees
Heart - Brigade
Robert Plant - Manic Nirvana
Fleetwood Mac - Behind The Mask
Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips
Vangelis - The City
Rio Reiser - Rio ***

Roger Waters - The Wall-Live In Berlin
Herbert Grönemeyer - Luxus
BAP - X Für 'e U

REO Speedwagon - The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken
Styx - Edge Of The Century
All we are is dust in the wind. ;)

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