Alben des Jahres 1986


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Alben des Jahres 1986

Beitrag von Kröter »


Anfangs kam der Jahrgang echt schwer in die Gänge, zum Ende hin wurde es gerade auf den vorderen Plätzen echt eng. Wenn man bedenkt, was alleine im Hartwurst-Sektor so alles auf die Menschheit losgelassen wurde ... Metallica, Motörhead, Slayer, Kreator, King Diamond, Hirax, Maiden, Warlock, Megadeath, Van Halen, Queensryche usw.
Aber es war zugleich auch ein Jahr, in dem die Frauen ganz stark bei mir vertreten waren: Mit Fiona, Debbie Harry, Wendy O. Williams, Samantha Fox und Girlschool - zudem dann noch Doro Pesch mit Warlock und Toyah mit Herrn Fripp - fanden sich gleich 7 Damen in meiner Top 30 wieder.
Ganz vorne wurde der Horror-Soundtrack "Trick Or Treat", den Fast Eddie Clarke mit seiner Truppe exzellent rüberbrachte, nur vom Metallica-Jahrhundertwerk übertroffen. Waren die beiden Vorgänger für mich noch im Bereich "Sehr gut" angesiedelt, übertraf "Master of Puppets" dann alles bisher Dagewesene.



1. METALLICA – Master of Puppets
2. FASTWAY – Trick Or Treat
3. MOTÖRHEAD – Orgasmatron

4. SLAYER – Reign In Blood
5. KREATOR – Pleasure To Kill
6. WARLOCK – True As Steel
7. IRON MAIDEN – Somewhere in Time
8. KING DIAMOND – Fatal Portrait
9. MEGADETH – Peace Sells … But Who's Buying?
10. FIONA – Beyond the Pale

11. HIRAX – Hate, Fear & Power
12. VAN HALEN – 5150
13. QUEENSRYCHE – Rage For Order
14. W.A.S.P. - Inside the Electric Circus
15. DEBBIE HARRY – Rockbird
16. WENDY O. WILLIAMS – Kommander of Kaos
17. SURVIVOR – When Seconds Count
18. GIRLSCHOOL – Nightmare at Maple Cross
19. KILLING JOKE – Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
20. NILS LOFGREN – Code of the Road
21. SAMANTHA FOX – The Touch
22. Paul DiAnno's BATTLEZONE – Fighting Back
24. DAVID LEE ROTH – Eat 'Em And Smile
25. METAL CHURCH – The Dark
26. KEEL – The Final Frontier
27. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM – Doomsday for the Deceiver
28. TOYAH & FRIPP – The Lady Or The Tiger?
29. TANKARD – Zombie Attack
30. D.A.F. - 1st Step to Heaven

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Re: Alben des Jahres 1986

Beitrag von Vincent Price »

Wie immer in ungeordneter Reihenfolge die mir wichtigen Alben des Jahres:

Peter Gabriel - So
Depeche Mode - Black Celebration
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
Madonna - True Blue
Queen - A Kind Of Magic
Van Halen - 5150
Eurythmics - Revenge
ELO - Balance Of Power
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule
Judas Priest - Turbo
Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous
Paul McCartney - Press To Play
Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin
Journey - Raised On Radio
Toto - Fahrenheit
The Rolling Stones - Dirty Work
Rio Reiser - Rio I.
Erasure - Wonderland
The Communards - The Communards
Accept - Russian Roulette
Queen - Live Magic
The Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi
Kansas - Power
James Brown - Gravity
Yello - 1980-1985: The New Mix In One Go
Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
Falco - Emotional
Berlin - Count Three And Pray
Rainbow - Finyl Vinyl
Herbert Grönemeyer - Sprünge
Nazareth - Cinema
various - 9 1/2 Weeks (Soundtrack)
All we are is dust in the wind. ;)

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Re: Alben des Jahres 1986

Beitrag von Louder Than Hell »

Creeps Enjoy the creeps
Levy's Wild Kingdom, Ron/ Earl King Gazed
Shiny Gnomes Wild spells
Wipers Over the edge
Wipers Land of the lost


Arch Criminals Hang
Barnes, Cliff And The Fear Of Winning The record that took 300 Million years
Black Sabbath Seventh star
Bomb Party Drugs
Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds Kicking against the pricks
Celibate Rifles Mina Mina Mina
Chesterfield Kings Don' t open til doomsday
Chesterfields Kettle
Chud Silhouettes of sound
Ciccione Youth The whitey album
Comsat Angels Chasing shadows
Costello, Elvis Blood and chocolate
Count New changes
Cramps A date with elvis
Cult Love
Damned Anything
Died Pretty Free dirt
Direct Hits House of secrets
Dizzy Satellites Orbit drive
Doctor And The Medics Laughing at the pieces
Easybeats Absolute anthology
Electric Prunes Long day' s flight
Fever Tree San Francisco girls
Flamin' Groovies One night stand
Flamin' Groovies Roadhouse
Fleshtones Vs. Reality
Game Theory Big shot cronicles
Georgia Satellites Same
Giant Sand Ballad of a thin line man
Godfathers Hit by hit
Godfathers This damn nation
Golden Palminos Blast of silence
Guadalcanal Diary 2 x 4
Jasmin Minks Cold heart
Jingo De Lunch Perpetuum mobile
Kuepper, Ed Rooms of the magnificient
Leather Nun Gimme gimme gimme
Leather Nun Lust games
Malaria Emotion
MIA After the fact
Monkees Then and now
New Model Army Ghost of chain
Plan 9 Anytime anyplace anywhere
Plasticland Wonder wonderful wonderland
Politicans Meat
Pop, Iggy Blah blah blah
Pretenders Get close
Pretty Things Cries from the midnight circus
Pushtwangers Here we go again
Red Guitars America and me
Reininger, Blaine L. Byzantium
Saxon, Sky Groovy thing
Screaming Tribesmen Top of the town
Sonic Youth Goo
Soul Asylum Made to be broken
Spacemen 3 Sound of confusion
SRC Revenge of the quackenbush brothers
That Petrol Emotion Maniac pop thrill
Thin Lizzy Remembering
Triffids Born sandy devotional
Tryfles Same
Various Artists British psychedelic trip Vol. 2
Various Artists Flight to lowlands paradise
Various Artists 1966 Garage 1970
Various Artists Mindrocker Vol. 11
Various Artists Mindrocker Vol. 12
Various Artists Mindrocker Vol. 13
Various Artists Play new rose for me 100
Various Artists Rubble 2
Various Artists Rubble 3
Various Artists Rubble 5
Various Artists Rubble 6
Various Artists Rubble 11
Various Artists Tuatara
Voodoo Child Acid tales & mermaids
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Transparent day
Wipers Land of the lost
Wolfgang Press Standing up straight
Woodentops Giant
X Ain' t love grand
Yardbirds Collection
Yard Trauma Noconclusions
Yellow Sunshine Explosion Same
Zodiac Mindwarp High priest of love

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